I hated how I looked for too long

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For far too long I hated how I looked like.

Until one day, when my son saw a selfie picture of me and he said with pure innocence “You are the most beautifulest, mommy”. 

This was a tipping point. I realised how my children look at me and decided to start seeing  myself through their eyes and start giving myself some love and graciousness. 

I realised I was not doing myself what I was encouraging my clients to do: celebrate themselves, make portraits of themselves for all times and for their children to hold in their hands. So, I decided to let myself photographed by Tanja Brueckner, an amazing photographer from Berlin, whose work I love very much. I organised the trip together with a friend and we went for it.

It was a wonderful experience. It was uplifting and empowering to see myself in those pictures. I wanted something different so I opted for a a dark goth look, I am from Transylvania after all.

Tanja looked after me, after my posing and made me feel like a celebrity for the entire day! 

Sometimes, we tend to forget that everyone has so-called flaws, including celebrities, models, and people who we make out to be perfect, but who aren't. 

People have to realise that the supermodels we see represent only 3-5% of all the women in the world. It is not realistic. It is very realistic to have cellulite and saggy boobs, it’s part of just us being a human. I also think Barbie should manufacture dolls with cellulite! After all, around 95% of us women have it. 

I hope you enjoy these pictures. The best part of it, not only this photoshoot gave me back my confidence, but also motivated me to lead a healthier and better lifestyle and I can’t wait for the next one!

I will be back to Berlin 20st - 24th, as a photographer this time for my Be Seen photo shoots. What if you joined me? I would love to photograph you for all times, not only the way you look like, but also who you are.

BE SEEN - in Berlin - 20 -24 October 2018

BE SEEN - in Barcelona - 8 - 12 November 2018