Creative Outdoor & Speedlite Portrait Photography Workshop in Berlin

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This workshop is for everybody interested in exploring the interface between camera and the person you are photographing while using speedlites  and continuous in different light situations. The Creative Outdoor Portrait Photography Workshop will give you the confidence you need when capturing images with of camera lightning techniques in daylight, sunset light and night time.

You will shoot with a beautiful professional model Stefanie - check her instagram profile here and Ruxi - more about me here, from me you’ll learn all the essential technical elements, as well as insider tips on how to work and connect with your client.

  • This workshop is perfect for portrait photographers of all abilities who want to improve, develop their skills and build portfolio. During this on location workshop, you’ll learn how to unleash the potential of your flashgun, with the use of a professional model. 
  • In a practical and creative setup, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn from me as a professional photographer happy to share her experience. Our workshops are limited to small groups so you can learn in a fast paced setting and gain confidence in this area. Once you’ve mastered one speedlite, you’ll be able to move on to two and even three or more, to create even more dramatic images worthy of a professional portfolio.
  • Following the workshop, you will be able to connect with us with any other questions or problems you might have. We offer post workshop support and you can also submit your work for constructive feedback and review.


Meet at: Friedrichsbrücke, Burgstraße 19, 10178 Berlin

17:00 - 17:30 - gathering, intro time, we have a look at your gear.
17:30 -21:30 - we start the photowalk, shooting on different locations
21:30 - open end discussions, networking, drinks

• What we'll do and main topics • 

★ An introduction to the speedlite – features will be explained in depth including power, settings, capacity, and exposure modes
★ Brands and models – we will take a look at your types of speedlite and flashguns. If you don’t have one with you, we have triggers for most cameras to our gear.
★ Technical aspects – get to grips with your camera settings in depth, including the light meter and metering modes
★ Speedlite accessories – learn about a variety of accessories including shapers, modifiers, triggers and stands
★ Working with a model – develop the skills needed such as composition, posing, communication and direction
★ Capture authentic expressions & learn how to deal with the person in front of your lens
★ Lighting techniques and styles – explore the different set ups in speedlite photography including low key and high key, night portraits
★Natural lighting: windows lighting, ambient lighting
★Creative visuals: focal perspective, depth of field, composition, environment
★Discover a range of night lighting techniques: off camera flash, continuous light, using a reflector, using ISO

• What to bring • 

Camera with portrait lenses 35mm, 50mm, 85mm or the 24-70 equivalent.
OPTIONAL: Speedlights, triggers, light modifiers if you have any. 

We have triggers to our speedlite for most camera models, except Sony. However, we also have continuous lights, therefore we have all cameras types covered.

• Important to know


- payable in cash or paypal to ruxandra.balea@gmail.com
- 4 participants max


★ minimum 3 hours guided shooting
★ the model fees and non-commercial image rights for all participants.
★usage of our equipment 
★guaranteed fun experimenting with like-minded people

This workshop involves some walking outdooors, so good walking shoes are advisable and depending on the weather, wet/ snow warm weather gear and clothes. An easily carried camera bag or backpack. This workshop is not catered, you are responsible of own food/ drinks. Because of safety concerns, make sure you are in good standing to attend. Participation is of your own accord and you assume all responsibility for your personal safety and property. Wear proper hiking/ walking shoes.

  • Some camera knowledge should be given.
  • The workshop will be taught in English and German.

Don’t miss this chance to explore and experiment. Together we are going to get the chance to get a look at the theoretical aspects of this photography discipline, as well as its practical parts.


A "Behind the Scenes" video from a recent workshop and more pictures of our model, Stefanie, photographed by Ruxi:

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